Thursday, April 17, 2014


I'm awake! Hibernation is just about done, although the past two days have been a bit chilly just to remind all of us in the Northeast that...this is the Northeast.

That was five months of winter, essentially. It was a bad one. I'm knocking on wood but it looks like we made it out the other side. Now if the water can warm up, I'll be all set.

2014 has already shown a lot more promise than 2013 did. Last Wednesday, I jammed to The Local after work(I jammed a little early to avoid traffic)and had an extremely fun session with the crew. Sadly, Tony took a shot to the ribs and had to depart early but Jay, Ed and I took full advantage of some punchy, decent-sized waves.

I wound up on the Sam and rode a lot of lefts. The board is big fun. You can whip it from the tail but I also did some quick hops to the middle off of the drop and rail carved it. That worked real well.

Looking forward to more.

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