Monday, October 18, 2010

All a Quiver

This is it. The sum total of my quiver. I also have the beater that I learned on but I never take it out. I essentially loan it to friends I'm giving lessons to and now, following some self-taught repairs, have to sand the crap out of it.

I recently went back to work and not part-time as I originally indicated, no I wound up going full-time. Fastest promotion ever. Yes, there's a story there. No, I won't get into it save to say that blessings come when they come and I am beyond thrilled to have gotten the job I now have. I digress.

I immediately started trying to figure how to drum up some board money as I can sort of justify the expense now that I'm gainfully employed again. Knowing the ins and outs of one particular board is fine but I don't feel that I can progress without some varied equipment...and I'm a board dork with a love of the esoteric. To that end, I spent this past Sunday at the Raynham flea market trying to sell my comic book collection, my reasoning leaning heavily in the direction of trading one obsession for another. That didn't work out the way I planned it. How was I to know that I couldn't compete against hand-bags and cheap knives with dragon pommels sure to ensnare pre-pubescents(the knives, not the hand-bags)?

So it's back to craigslist with my comics and some bikes. Sigh.