Saturday, December 29, 2012

Evolution 2

Annnd the Golden Girl/Grey Lady. Hilbers is killing it.

Evolution 1

As I both improve and evolve, in regards to my surfing, I have also gotten more in tune with what I like in a board and where I want to go. In the interest of my continued evolution, I made a decision to sell my Mini Zombie for a different style of ride with more of a hull-ish feel and ordered a Hot Generation from Brian Hilbers, via Pilgrim Surf and Supply.

While discussing the HG with Brian, I mentioned that I was interested in potentially ordering a pig from him at some juncture and HE mentioned that Pilgrim had one that he had shaped which is based off a board that was a favorite of Reynolds Yater and I promptly sold my noserider.

I drove down to Brooklyn to pick both up yesterday. Pilgrim is owned by former Mollusk Brooklyn owner and artist Chris Gentile. Both he and employee Eric(sorry I didn't catch the last name) were fantastic in regards to ordering and then going in to get the boards. The shop has a great vibe, Chris is very welcoming and knowledgable and he is dedicated to stocking great hand shapes that work on this coast.

Without further ado, here's part one of the board porn. I present the Hot Generation:

Look for the pig in the above post.