Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Summer Jams

Ain't nothing wrong with being Motown-ish.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Initial Chariot

My first car. A 1976 AMC Matador wagon. My friends loved it and dubbed it, "The Madhatador". I was less than enamored of it but had to admit that it had a certain panache. I once packed 15 people in it, dusted a couple of dudes at the light on 146 who were clowning me even though all they were packing was a paltry V6, hosted roof rides, did doughnuts with it in slippery parking lots and took it flying over "The Bump" in North Smithfield.

My friend John and I had this mad scheme of acquiring an ice cream truck and turning it into "the ultimate surf mobile", while ignoring the fact that that's what we were rolling around in. Stupid kids.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Start Movin'

Small Wave Killa!

Laziness, thy name Or, why should I try to re-write a ride report that I already wrote. Say that five times fast, I dare ya. Transcribed below is a note I sent to Brian Hilbers concerning my second run with the Mini Zombie:

"Hey Brian.

I figured that I owed you a better report than last time. Sometimes the true test of a board is how it performs in less than perfect conditions. I took the MZ out at o'dark thirty this morning to one of my favorite beach breaks. Most other spots were chopped up but this one is a bit more sheltered. There was still a little bump on it but there were some clean faces to be had with a little patience. Again, I ran it with the Greenough 4c positioned halfway in the box this time. It worked very well.

So...I had a fuckin' ball and made some solid strides to figuring out what this stick is all about.

It turns so quickly and really shines on the front third. I couldn't believe some of the whitewater sections I was beating. Popped that first turn, moved up, got low and it was off to the races. Those rails really make a difference. Cut backs were effortless. I also figured out quickly that just a little subtlety is required. Ankles and balls of the feet. Each wave got better and better.

In any case, it's a honey of a board. I actually acquired a log and could have brought that today but decided not to and the MZ really shined in some 3.3 at 11 second somewhat bumpy waves. I'm really looking forward to seeing what it can do in slightly larger and cleaner conditions."

The sesh was this past Sunday. Can you suss that I had a far better time than my previous session? Must be the 3/2.

And in case I haven't stressed this in previous posts, Hilbers is the man and well deserving of your patronage.