Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A respite amidst the flatlands.

I don't remember last summer being this flat. I know it had its spells, summer around here always does but there were enough knee high pulses to keep me sated. July has been bad.

I did score a bit on Sunday. I went down to RI for the dawn patrol and there was some decent enough short period wind swell to play on. It was around waist high with occasional chest(every 20 minutes or so) and I jumped at the opportunity to both christen the Andreini Magic Sam and also get some additional time on the Hot Generation.

Hour 1 - Andreini Magic Sam

It's a 9-4 but don't call it a "log". If you know the history, then you know that this is the type of board the Australians were on while the Americans were still on barges with trash can noses and doing the Quasimodo(not that there's anything wrong with that)and what Nat Young won in '66 on. The board is for hot dogging, carving, front third speed runs and even some nose time in the pocket. My first impressions? It's a decent paddler and cruises into waves smoothly. Aggressive bottom turns work. Flying in at an angle works. It's speedy, it's nimble and it likes a little bit of a push. I did a couple of pretty good cutbacks on it with ease. A bit of aggressiveness is rewarded. In short, I dug it, seriously dug it. I can't wait to run it up to a certain NH spot.

Hour 2 - Hot Generation

Fun, fun, fun. A perfect compliment to the Sam. As the waves started to wall up a bit, I decided I wanted to get a bit more maneuverability happening. Admittedly, I biffed a couple of waves settling in but once I got my timing was off to the races. That thing is slicker'n grease.

Summation? Good day, although a bit more of a face on the waves would have been welcome. Again, I'm looking forward to seeing what these sleds can do with a bit more cleanliness.