Monday, June 24, 2013

What's in the box?!

A "Magic Sam" has been on my wish list ever since I got hip to the type of boards being ridden in "The Hot Generation". This mildly used Andreini turned up in LA and I made arrangements with the former owner, a very righteous guy, to get the board to Thing 1's godfather, Tom. Going above and beyond, Tom had the board packaged up at Aqua Tech in Marina Del Rey and then dropped it with the freight company I went with(Alliance) to get it to me. It wasn't easy getting it back here but it showed up unscathed and I can't wait to slide it.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More Please

I took this one at the end of a great session almost two weeks ago after Andrea had passed through. The forecast for The Local was not favorable(swellinfo's batting average is way down)and yet it was glassy, knee to occasional waist high perfection. It was also my first day in a 3/2. The water is taking its sweet time warming up. Hopefully all this rain bs is mostly behind us because I can use some more days like this one.