Monday, November 4, 2013


Saturday AM, I got to take advantage of the by now, de rigeur New England pop up swell. Waves were on the small side, mostly knee to thigh with occasional waist-ish but clean and peeling nicely. If you know where to go at the local(and I do), there's a spot that gives with a bit more oomph.

I rode the Andreini Sam. Great board. If the parking lot wasn't still closed(no, I'm not letting that go until it's reopened for good), I would have also brought the Hot Gen to trade off with. \

I caught a few waves on Tony's new Stoker Vee Machine. Interesting board. I probably need a few more waves on it to give with a fair assessment, though. Sample size was too small.

In other news, heavier rubber was required. I still haven't busted out the 5/4/3 but boots, gloves and squid lid were rocked with a 4/3. Here's to hoping for a quick winter.