Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving stuffins.

This was supposed to be the Bob Pollard post that I've been planning ever since I picked up the latest Boston Spaceships album, Our Cubehouse Still Rocks(which rocks). Not only is it my take on Pollard and how he ties in to my long love affair with rock music but how his music corresponds to some of my favorite artists/genres within the genre. You're champing at the bit to read this thing aren't you? It ain't done and I'm pretty damn anal about the content which three readers are going to digest so rest assured that I'm hard at work on it and it might even be my next post. Maybe. Possibly.

Instead, how about...notes from the recent holiday? The streak of damn good waves on Thanksgiving morn was finally broken as I arrived at the unnamed beach break to discover...lake-like conditions and howling, cold-as-hell onshore winds that froze my facial expression to something resembling shock and awe. C'est la vie. I do want to venture out before I take my "too damn cold" layoff. I've been threatening to surf on my birthday(Dec 17) for years and perhaps this will be the year that I follow through.

As for the actual day, feast, whatever? If you're a part of my wife's extended family in any way shape or form, you roll deep and this Thanksgiving was no exception as we ventured to the South Shore to partake in some enjoyable organized chaos. Even though the guest list consisted of about 30 or so people, including children, bear in mind that this was only a portion of her clan. Thank you once again for the hospitality, food, drink and sparkling conversation folks!

Finally, the order for the Mini Zombie is IN. This will be my first custom board and I'm pretty psyched about it. Granted, by the time I get it, I will probably be ensconced in my lay off and THEN will be suffering from sleep deprivation as SoEM Part Deux enters the world in April but who knows, maybe it will get christened by May or June. Honey, are you reading this? Arrangements for an occasional Mother's Helper could be in order.