Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Heavy Rotation - Volume 1(and some stuff about surfing)

Have I mentioned that it's been a crappy summer for waves? One more time then. This has been a crappy summer for waves, ALTHOUGH, there's a nice little system pushing through that should bring some fun stuff to play on over the next few days.

The interesting thing about this summer's wave(or lack thereof) situation is that occasionally a little swell pops up and you had best be ready to jump on it son because if you sleep...it's gone the next day. I got lucky last week. I headed to Nantasket for an end of the day session. I almost bagged it but the buoy convinced me to go have a look. I got there an hour after high tide and the waves were pretty much dumping right on shore. One guy was out and he was making a go of it but not having much luck. The more I watched, the more I was convinced that it was going to get better so I suited up and went in. It was dicey at first. I took off on a left, had a high line on it and then had to bail as the bottom fell out of the damn thing in some less than deep water. And THEN. Well, it wasn't and then, it actually took about 45 minutes to an hour BUT all of a sudden, it got fun. Waist to stomach kind of fun(I think) and I was feeling my oats. I actually pulled off some stuff that I never pulled off before including a round-house cutback(it's true). Best sesh of the summer this far.

Now then....

Not too long ago, I promised to review some records that may not be brand new but provide me with a lot of enjoyment. First up is King Khan and the Shrines, "What Is?" Sounds a whole lot like Stax, the Stooges and Sun Ra in a blender. If I wasn't going for half-assed alliteration thing than I may have said "60's garage bands" instead of Stooges but since a pretty solid argument can be made that The Stooges were sort of an evolution of the garage band sound then... I don't know what I'm saying. Ahem. This album kills, brothas and sistas! From beginning to end your toes will tap and your butt will shake. There's also a fair bit of tongue in cheek happening with the lyrics and song subjects(give a listen to Welfare Bread and Lady Godiva...you'll see). Play it loud. El Meezy is also damn excited that he gets to see this juggernaut of a band play Boston in October. I hope to see you there.

Until next time...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Little Bit of Everyting

Where to begin this one....

Well, today's Father and SoEM outing saw us at the Burlington Mall with SoEM enjoying the play area and some soft-serve and culminated in the wee scamp crawling into a locked dressing room in J Crew while dear ol' Dad was trying on a jacket. Thankfully, a very nice sales lady was there to let me in and him out, which didn't stop him from trying that little maneuver again. Two year olds. Yeah. He's two. Which sort of leads into another anecdote.
The upstairs neighbors have a little boy who has the same birthday and is the same age as SoEM. Trippy. SoEM's party was a couple of weeks ago, neighbor lad's was yesterday. I was awakened from a nap by WoEM leaning over me and exclaiming, "They're playing with his toys!" One quick shower later and I headed into the back yard to discover, yeah, a small army of kids that were all over SoEM's new birthday stuff. We're not selfish people but we weren't consulted or asked if this would be cool. Anyways, when SoEM wanted a turn in HIS car and vocalized this, a little girl snottily told him, "It's not yours." In a fit of protective snottiness of my own, I looked her dead in the face and said, "Actually...it is his." Don't mess with SoEM when Dad is around. You should have seen my reaction when I caught the little dirtbag at the park spitting on the back of SoEM's head. I digress. Yeah, the politics of neighbordom can be a bit much.

Surfing? If that's what you want to call what I was doing on the grovelers we've been getting recently. At least I've been able to dispense with the leash for another couple of sessions and it's been kind of cool seeing the sun come up from the water. See the ok cell pic taken at the unnamed beach break.

We're supposed to get a little something this week. I don't ask for much, just something with a little push.