Thursday, April 17, 2014


I'm awake! Hibernation is just about done, although the past two days have been a bit chilly just to remind all of us in the Northeast that...this is the Northeast.

That was five months of winter, essentially. It was a bad one. I'm knocking on wood but it looks like we made it out the other side. Now if the water can warm up, I'll be all set.

2014 has already shown a lot more promise than 2013 did. Last Wednesday, I jammed to The Local after work(I jammed a little early to avoid traffic)and had an extremely fun session with the crew. Sadly, Tony took a shot to the ribs and had to depart early but Jay, Ed and I took full advantage of some punchy, decent-sized waves.

I wound up on the Sam and rode a lot of lefts. The board is big fun. You can whip it from the tail but I also did some quick hops to the middle off of the drop and rail carved it. That worked real well.

Looking forward to more.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Freak Out(not really)

I've been busy.

In addition to parenting, work and all of the other associated trappings of adulthood, I'm also taking a graduate course this term. That's entertainment.

I got out there last week. Weird day for it. It wasn't overwhelmingly cold but it was cold and it was snowing. Surfing + snow = trippy. Even if you've done it before, it's still weird. Waves were alright. I played on the HG. Still fun. It's been frigid lately(single digits)so depending on how it all shakes down, I may start my February lay off early. Then again, Jay will probably question my manhood again and I'll find myself back out there. The good thing is that waves have been semi-consistent in the new year. After this past year's absolute head scratcher, I'm hopeful for good things in 2014.

I hauled out The La's again and recently picked up their BBC In Session album. Great stuff.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cold Water and More Tunes

I'm alive.

Thanksgiving brought waves and wind. Too much wind. I went out the next day. Breaking news...winter rubber still sucks and the HG is still fun even in small waves.


Sister Surround may be one of the best Who songs not recorded by The Who. Additionally, Thing One and Thing Two have declared from their critic posts in the backseat that it rocks. Who am I to argue?

Monday, November 4, 2013


Saturday AM, I got to take advantage of the by now, de rigeur New England pop up swell. Waves were on the small side, mostly knee to thigh with occasional waist-ish but clean and peeling nicely. If you know where to go at the local(and I do), there's a spot that gives with a bit more oomph.

I rode the Andreini Sam. Great board. If the parking lot wasn't still closed(no, I'm not letting that go until it's reopened for good), I would have also brought the Hot Gen to trade off with. \

I caught a few waves on Tony's new Stoker Vee Machine. Interesting board. I probably need a few more waves on it to give with a fair assessment, though. Sample size was too small.

In other news, heavier rubber was required. I still haven't busted out the 5/4/3 but boots, gloves and squid lid were rocked with a 4/3. Here's to hoping for a quick winter.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Worst to First

It had been a long day, most of it spent down at my Mom's, assisting with a yard sale. My Andreini Sam sat strapped to the roof of the car as I was praying for leftovers to be leftover from the by now de rigeur New England pop up swell that happened on Friday. I was to be denied once again.

So it was, that desperately needing a lift from the waveless doldrums I have sunk into, I relied on my beloved Sox to do away with my funk. They did not disappoint.

I vaulted from the couch at Victorino's slam and let out a yell which I immediately stifled, so as not to awaken my slumbering clan and then bounced around as Uehara did what he's been doing and slammed the door on the Tigers.

In the midst of watching the delirious celebration of this team that was predicted to go nowhere, I heard footsteps thudding down the steps. I got up and looked around the corner, only to see a bleary eyed Thing 1, blanket draped over a shoulder and thumb in mouth, which he removed to explain, "Daddy, I heard you and came down to watch some baseball." I didn't have anyone to celebrate with and so his arrival was incredibly timely and made for an incredible spontaneous moment(captured below).

He made an already memorable evening even moreso.

We're comin' for ya Cahds!

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Heard of these kids? Back when Sub Pop was ruling the roost with a roster largely composed of grunge bands, Seaweed were something outside of the norm. They were more of a punk band, somewhat in the vein of Quicksand or Jawbreaker. Good stuff. Good hooks. Good energy. Too bad they went largely overlooked.