Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Freak Out(not really)

I've been busy.

In addition to parenting, work and all of the other associated trappings of adulthood, I'm also taking a graduate course this term. That's entertainment.

I got out there last week. Weird day for it. It wasn't overwhelmingly cold but it was cold and it was snowing. Surfing + snow = trippy. Even if you've done it before, it's still weird. Waves were alright. I played on the HG. Still fun. It's been frigid lately(single digits)so depending on how it all shakes down, I may start my February lay off early. Then again, Jay will probably question my manhood again and I'll find myself back out there. The good thing is that waves have been semi-consistent in the new year. After this past year's absolute head scratcher, I'm hopeful for good things in 2014.

I hauled out The La's again and recently picked up their BBC In Session album. Great stuff.

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