Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oh the Places I've Been

I'm full of excuses and not many of them are all that valid.

For starters, I promised to write up a show I saw on May 1st and could not get it done even though The Dawg and Poni Show tore it up with a sound that owed a lot to Living Color, Bad Brains and Prince and The 86ers also blew my head open although what else could I expect from a band fronted by George, formerly of Honkeyball(showing my age). Sorry for my slackness fellas, I promise something a little more indepth next time.

Then at the end of May, I wound up with my little fam and some friends in St. Augustine, Fla. There's a reason that most people I've talked to have raved about the place. Plenty of mellow, lots of history, good food, Yuengling and I did ok on the waves with a flat as hell Velzy tuflite. We'll be headed back there.

More to come and hopefully in a more timely fashion.
By the way, the above picture was taken by our good friend and photog extraordinaire, Jackie.