Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Mung Sessions

Saturday saw me up really early to meet up with a couple of the dudes down in RI. I was about to go in at the first spot, when Jay texted me and compelled me to move to the second. Ed showed while I was suiting up. I kind of wish I had just stayed where I was.

It was funky out there. I was on the HG at first and took off on a great right hander early in the sesh. That would be my best wave until my last wave of the day. I made a couple of legit drops on two different lefts and they both went the same way. Good drop, good turn...nothing. Not even a close out, they just flattened out. It was weird. Basically, it looked better than it was.

That coupled with a definite lack of etiquette in the water(I'm looking squarely at you, aggro dude in the blue wetsuit snaking people left and right and hooting for your own rides. You're wack.), the requisite Newport mung and the day left me hungry.

In terms of positives, I wore a 4/3 with boots, gloves and a squid lid and felt just fine. Looking forward to warmer days and water.