Sunday, May 10, 2009


Bit by bit, the extraneous rubber is disappearing. I'm still in the 4/3 with boots and gloves but I went hoodless last week and again yesterday.

Homeboy, "The Bollocks" and I hit NH yesterday. We skipped the Wall and went out at Jenness. I got a few good rides while "The Bollocks" attempted to dial in his new CI Fishcuit. I gave his board a whirl not too long ago and it's fast but squirrely as hell. Learning curve blues. I'll probably go with a slightly more retro shape when I actually have a job and some money again.

In my early surfing days, I acquired a lot of my gear either cheaply or through a bit of trading.
My original wetsuit was an ill-fitting 3/2 that my buddy gave me and I traded it for a 3/2 that was actually my size. I've worn that suit for the past 7 or 8 years and it got pretty shredded(it's the red and black job on the left , the "punk rock wetsuit") so I spent some of my savings to replace it with the new Escential suit on the right.
Escential is a new company out of Florida and I heard good things about their product so I figured I would be a bit of a test pilot. I'll post the results when I drop down from the 4/3(soon).