Wednesday, April 29, 2009


My older sister used to hang out with some dudes that my Dad referred to as, "The Village Idiots". They were pretty funny, way into rock music like The Who and The Stones and they were very fond of Narragansett beer. They even knew of a certain bar that served it on tap(By this time I think it was being made in Indiana rather than Cranston.). They turned me on to a lot of music, as well as the beer.

I don't get paid to shill for Narragansett and I'm not into product placement. I do like the fact that the brand got resurrected, that it's better than most macros out there...and that it comes in tall boys.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Plugz

My first real exposure to punk rock growing up in Woonsocket, RI in the 80's came after my older sis introduced me to the movie Repo Man along with said movie's killer soundtrack featuring such luminaries as...The Plugz.

These guys are on my "holy grail" list when it comes to diggin' in the crates.

Unemployment Benefits

After a pretty harsh Winter, today was a glimpse of what(hopefully) Summer has in store for the New England faithful. It was sunny and close to 70 and I spent a couple of hours in balmy 43 degree water catching my share of knee to waist high peelers.

Occasionally, being out of work pays off just lovely.