Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Worst to First

It had been a long day, most of it spent down at my Mom's, assisting with a yard sale. My Andreini Sam sat strapped to the roof of the car as I was praying for leftovers to be leftover from the by now de rigeur New England pop up swell that happened on Friday. I was to be denied once again.

So it was, that desperately needing a lift from the waveless doldrums I have sunk into, I relied on my beloved Sox to do away with my funk. They did not disappoint.

I vaulted from the couch at Victorino's slam and let out a yell which I immediately stifled, so as not to awaken my slumbering clan and then bounced around as Uehara did what he's been doing and slammed the door on the Tigers.

In the midst of watching the delirious celebration of this team that was predicted to go nowhere, I heard footsteps thudding down the steps. I got up and looked around the corner, only to see a bleary eyed Thing 1, blanket draped over a shoulder and thumb in mouth, which he removed to explain, "Daddy, I heard you and came down to watch some baseball." I didn't have anyone to celebrate with and so his arrival was incredibly timely and made for an incredible spontaneous moment(captured below).

He made an already memorable evening even moreso.

We're comin' for ya Cahds!

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