Monday, January 14, 2013

Maiden Voyage

Since November, either I, or a member of my little clan have been sidelined with some kind of illness. Sometimes the timing wasn't right. A lot of times, there just weren't any waves. Yesterday, however, the stars aligned a bit.

I joined the crew at The Local yesterday morning to try out my new acquisitions. It was a tad small for the Hot Generation but conditions were perfect for longboarding. Enter...The Golden Girl(sobriquet provided by Brian Hilbers).


I had my mind blown a little.


D-fins do indeed turn. In this case, the board whips right around into trim. Glide? Yes. Nimble? Oh yes. Stable? Mmm-hmm(I can knee paddle it just fine). I love how I can throw it around. I might love it too much. I nearly took out Tony P when I called "Left!" on one wave and then decided to whip back around to go right. Jay got nearly the same treatment. It takes a high line perfectly. I got a bit of a stretch five at one point. It was a good day.

I don't know. It may have been only the first session but I'm drinking the kool-aid that Mike Black has been peddling. Pigs rule, man.

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